To be great again

You know, you say, that in order to know a man, look at his friends. Are his friends good or bad.

There is a truth to this. You hang out with the ones who looks most like yourself.

Like me, I am seriously proud of all the Jews I am able to call friends. Because often these are the good guys.

The same goes with the Kurds. Look at them, a good, strong vibrant people, trying to survive in difficult circumstances.

I am proud to be able to call the Kurds my friends. Because their character is something that I admire and hope that I can see myself in.

That is also what makes you great, the friends you have.

I think, that that is one of the reasons, that people in the US are so sorry about the Kurdish debacle. Because after the Cold War, where we had to fight in a way that was, honestly, unAmerican in the sense, that it was not honest and honourable. The fight that I and Barack did in the Middle East was that, honourable and honest.

Yes, we did mistakes, but it was truly an attempt at trying to find peace and fight the obviously evil Islamic State.

To be great or to be a leader, one needs to be a good man. But being good is not about SAYING that you are good. It is about DOING good things.

Greatness is the practical effect of your character.

I believe that essentially the US is finding itself these days, or trying to. Because the ideals and system of the US is the best. Therefor trying to realize those Democratic ideals is really where true greatness lie.

Living up to those ideals is what the treatment of the Kurds is about.

This is not to manipulate mr. Trump into supporting the Kurds, it is about UNDERSTANDING what is going right now.

I truly believe, that the US is finding itself again. Becoming great, not in a militaristic sense, but a moral sense. And that is the most important.

G-d bless the will to do good and act thereby.

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