To be positive and ethical

Reading about the roots of liberalism in the US, really makes me feel sorry for liberals. I think Alinsky had some of the right ideas, but the methods! The immorality, the Chicago style is just not right.

Philosophy needs to be honest and search for a betterment of the conditions of man, be idealistic.

Marx wanted something better for man, though he miscalculated in some places. However, his ideas were honest.

So were the ideas of Lenin and Trotsky.

But the Franfurterschool of eternal criticism, of sexual liberalism, of deconstruction was dishonest. They sought to create the conditions of a marxist revolution, when there were no such conditions. Thereby becoming the problem, not the answer.

In Denmark, it is much different. Here we have had no radical theorist, but rather benign and positive theoreticians like Hal Koch who truly believed in freedom of speech married to a Socialdemocratic ideology.

He talked about dialogue and democracy. Wanting to get Denmark away from the Nazism of the Second world war.

Then there has been Brandes, a true enlightener. He believed in humanism and enlightenment.

Grundtvig who was the national romantic, believing in enlightenment for the people. Giving the people wisdom.

Kierkegaard, you know him. The romantic aristocrat.

H.C. Andersen, another fairy taler.

All these men wanted something better for the world.

They were dreamers and idealists.

Now, we have to find a new path for the liberal perspective of the US.

Let us start by defining it as something positive. It should not use immoral methods. Yes we have to defend ourselves, but we also have to stay honest.

I think your fascination of me, has led you to something deeper than you really understand. I represent a development. I am the latest philosopher in a long line of thinkers.

There is a depth in my ideas. That has never truly been appreciated by the academia of the US.

Since most of you came from a system that was Anglo Saxon in the beginning, these roots are your roots.

This is not to say, that there not are place for other peoples roots as well. There are, but, latching on to me. Will give you democracy, humanism, freedom of speech, nationality a Jewish/protetant view, and so on.

What I will attempt to give you, is a bit deeper perspective. Something you can build upon.

Now Denmark is popular. This will not be forever. But while it is, I hope I can give you some of all the interesting and beautiful theories we have developed here in Denmark. It will be the Danish renaissance, and it will hopefully fill up a hole in the US. That is the longing for dreams and positivity.

G-d bless the US of America.

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