To do what is right

When you live your life as a person, as a nation or as a federation, you are often confronted with two options, to choose what is right or to choose what is easy.

Most people, honestly, chose what is easy. They carry on, and save all the trouble for those few individuals who chose to do the right.

What is right is not so difficult to siphon from reality. Look at Europe right now, mass rapes, Tammarush, destruction of ancient nation states, all in the name of what is most easy.

Why did the court on Austria not convict the migrant who raped a mere boy in the swimming pool? Because that was the easy option.

The difficult option would be to realise that the entire migrant hullabaloo was a catastrophe. That would be difficult, because then you would actually have to do something about it.

The easy solution is for the many, the right for the few.

What do we do about that? Well, people who are scared they elect the ones who have the moral fibre to be right. That is why they chose mr. Winston Churchill right? He had the strength to be right. That is why mr. Johnson is now heading for a prime position in the U.K. because he had the moral fibre to be right, and do what was necessary albeit the cost in a terrible situation.

Mr. Trump also has the potential to be a truth bringer and an honest leader. He has.

My own country has not elected anyone who are to do things right. But keep looking away, as they keep molesting me and my family. So deep into corruption, that they have lost all sight of right and wrong, and just carries on. Let all the rapes continue, as long as we are not bothered, appears to be the saying of the day.

As in Sodom and Gomorrah, where only one man tried to do what was right, and was attacked by all others.

Each and every day, we face that difficult question, to take the hard road, but then do what is right, or to do what is the most easy.

G-d bless the will to do right.

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