A lot of the problems there is in the confrontation of Hamas and Israel is really that Israel and Hamas are like in two different world.

Israel is maybe the most advanced, sophisticated society in the world. It is a society that spins like a clockwork.

Hamas is an underground resistance movement with some vague ideas about islam.

I am not saying that there is not some depth to the ideas of Hamas, but they are still mostly ideas, and they are like a gazillion years off to be realized.

Anyway, when a resistance movement and an extremely advanced society meet, one of the main problems is that one side comes up with all these extremely detailed plans, and the other side sees things simple.

That gap needs to be bridged at least, to make any kind of progress in the negotiations.

Right now, the Rafah operation is not really doing much. There has been some scattered fighting, but it is a far cry from the ideas of battalions against battalions. Why? Because Hamas does not have any battalions. They have a number of amateur fighters hiding in the tunnels.

But, and this is where Hamas is not to be underestimated, Hamas is definitely not stupid.

So, at least, try to make a much more simple deal. Like; Israel gets the hostages back, Gaza gets to administer itself. The military will be peacekeeping forces.

I mean, that is easy to understand.

Then we have to discuss if it is supposed to be a parliament or what kind of administration it is going to be. This we can all have an opinion on.

G-d bless the will to understand each other.

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