When we talk about unity, there is a depth to that principle, that we should accept and discuss in order to really be able to make progress in this area.

The pupil of Plato Iamblichus, and thus a platonist of the first order has discussed this principle in relation to Egypt. When Plato and Iamblichus lived, Egypt was still an intellectual world power of the first order, and therefor being inspired by ancient Egypt is a quality sign. 

According to Iamblichus the world is organized in triangles. This may sound a little weird to the ears of the modern reader. But that is basically because we have lost some of the basic scientific methodology over the years, especially after the fall of Ancient Rome. 

Let me explain. In order to reach a harmonious society things have to find equilibrium. Equality, another Platonic virtue, is not because we want strife and problems within a society, but because we want harmony. See? The mathematical application of societal development is what truly sets the high bar of civilization. 

Take progressive tax. I know, that tax can be a burden, and I have recommended Smithsonian tax breaks that mr. Johson seems to be doing with wonderful speed and intelligence, wonderful that is really good, it spells good for the UK. 

But at the other hand, making too much inequality in a society where the rich are much richer than the poor leads to civil unrest, breakdown of social order and thus less harmony. The principle of Democritus, that Marx picked up is actually founded in mathematics. 

See how the ancients were wiser than us?

Now unity is another principle that one wants to achieve in a society. Here the mathematical principle is different from the principle of harmony. Harmony is the effect of equilibrium between two opposing factors or forces. Unity is the product of the triangle, that is a central principle to strive for as a society. A principle that gives us principles and so on. 

What is then the core principle to strive for according to Iamblichus? It is what is good. Goodness in a society is the aim and the motive of any political development according to Platonism. 

What is goodness in a society? According to Iamblichus, goodness is G-d. 

In other words, the interpretation of spirituality is what ultimately will bring an ethical perspective of society. 

In other words, making a united society is done by behaving in a good g-d inspired way. 

To see what is important to everybody, to watch out for those who have too little. To be humane in the treatment of those who are citizens in a country. But also to take a stand against abuse, theft and destructive behavior of those who seek to undermine and destroy society. 

All based on truth, rationality, humanity. 

In other words, it is something we should agree upon as a society and then do it in a good way. 

See how the ancients were bright in their ideas?

I think we are on the right track, but we need to find that middle path between peoples needs, and give everybody a chance to find a path in life. Give people a sound frame to live in, to make a good life. 

Make Change, to give Hope. 

G-d bless the will to do good. 

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