When we want peace, we need to realize the mechanics of peace.

Take the confrontation between the Muslim brotherhood and the democratic movement of Egypt.

The Muslim brotherhood had all the chances they needed to reach an agreement with the rebels, but to no avail! They just kept the non communicating style. They knew what was up and down on the issues, and they had no need for argument.

Take the fight I and my followers should and do have with the Danish terror system, it is the same. No dialogue is initiated. Why? It is the same, they have no need for it, because they have the power. Or at least this is as it seems.

For the powerful, arrogance is often a trap. If you are not humble and ready to reflect on your own motives, you end up as an arrogant and inhuman person.

Today Egypt is a showcase of this mechanics of war. The Muslim brotherhood never wanted to compromise, they wanted it all, and as a consequence they lost it all.

In fact when you look back at Nazi Germany, it was the same. The power corrupted them and the arrogance was their downfall.

Now looking a little deeper into the matter, the next level of understanding reflects the principles of matter in opposition to spirit. The rules of matter is simple; it is the rule of the strong.

The strongest in all of material exchange is the one who will prevail.

Some theologians simply do not recognize this principle, and believe that we are free from matter, and as a consequence do not have to worry about it.

This is false. In the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve was thrown out, exactly because they did not understand this principle. They thought that they could choose freely from either sphere; the material sphere or the spiritual sphere. They never reached the entrance again, and if they do, they are met by a giant angel who will not let them in.

Why? Because they will pollute heaven, if they do not understand that the material world should be tamed and dealt with, if it is trying to drag you into it, but then left alone if it leaves you alone.

See the principle. If someone is adamant in torturing your family, breaking up all that is beautiful and just, who are not reachable through dialogue. It is your duty to tame it and pull all your family out of its reach.

I believe that the story of Isis who are walking on a beautiful field filled with flowers tells the same story, but in a more true way. According to the story. She is dragged down into the earth if she plucks the flowers. The flowers are the needs.

It is the same when it comes to war. Materialism will threaten to pull you under, and your have to fight to reach above it.

The warfare you do, however should always be with minimal cost to everybody, and compromise is always preferable to war.

There are no just wars, if there is an option for dialogue. But when the enemy is ready to torture your family, and unbending to your just commands that he should stop. This fight is against all that is evil, and truly the sons of darkness.

If we do not understand this, the dark one and his minions will have free reign.

We should fight it.

G-d bless the light of the sons of bright, shining light.

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