There is a new constitution coming up in Egypt. Thank G-d for that, and may all the ancients guard over the wise men who build this new land.

In the ancient time Egypt was called two lands, one the upper part with all the small rivers and the abundance of fishing and commerce. The second the lower part where the Nile cuts through the desert and gives and abundance in crops and a romantic scene for all who love the spirit on earth.

Today, everybody are fighting, and there is really no trust between the different parties. It is a trench war, and all are thinking not about Egypt, but about themselves, who will have this principle in the constitution, who will have the principle. Should it be Sharia, should it be only the voice of the people who reign.

Listen. What you need to do, is to put aside your differences and reach a good compromise in the interest of Egypt. Stop thinking about your own power, think about the combined forces you all can reap the benefit of, if you cooperate.

It should reflect the spirit of the ancient, of Sneferu, Horemheb, and be a constitution for ALL Egyptians. No matter their creed, color or affinity to philosophy.

G-d bless Egypt.

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