New change

imageWhen we look at the trap the social liberal perspective is in right now. We need to differ between a US model and a European model. In the US, the trends are much different than Europe, and in a sense much more healthy than what has happened in Europe.

In the US Alinsky has been the leading star, and much can be said about him, but in the end he was a liberal much more than a fascist.

Take Stalin. I know he won the Second World War, and he should off cause be complemented for that. But using the Nazi methods after the Second World War was really a mistake in my eyes.

In the middle are the best, as Oriana fallaci, and the worst, as the apparatchnicks in the current governments of Scandinavia.

To make a new perspective, we therefore need to mingle the different aspects, and create a new model.

Let us have a look at Stalin. When did he break the democratic tradition that was the legacy of Lenin? In the Spanish civil war. This was a pivotal move of Stalin. He should have supported all the bright fighters there.

Before him, Trotsky and Lenin was all for democracy and were heavily influenced by French ideas of liberation.

Now on the other side of the world. Liberals there were either under direct influence of KGB or trying to make a new path that mingled the anti race fight with socialism. Here Alinsky is basically the proponent of that new movement. I believe he was right. I have fought, with Obama in this fight.

Meanwhile in Europe. Things have gone terribly wrong. The anti race fight, has been unscrupulously used as a power tool. It is not about race, it is about dominance. In Denmark you cannot say anything that will threaten the “hapless” immigrants. Even immigrants themselves cannot criticize immigrants. So it has become a new kind of tyranny.

Harking back to Oriana Fallaci. I believe she really created a new liberal paradigm for Europe.

She had fought the fascists relentlessly, and now she fought the Islamist fascists as well.

So while the Alinsky way was a real liberation in the US, it has become the fascists of Europe. And while the republican perspective has been somewhat of a tyranny in the US, at least under Bush. The republicans of Europe have been the liberators.

You see, things are mixed up.

Add to this, the reemergence of spirit, you have a really mixed up picture. A fight against racism, but also against Islamic fascism, based on a spiritual choice.

It is all mixed up.

But, this is development, this is Change, things are changing according to the challenges that meet people around the world. And only if you are ready to change with it, can you remain hopeful.

G-d bless the wise and the free.

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