New trends

imageWhen things change, you need to understand the factors behind, to renew your perspective. Here are some if my reflections regarding that matter.

First of all, I believe we have to be realistic about the 20th century. It was the century of totalitarianism. As the Stalinism rose in the East corrupted Capitalism rose in the West. The methods were secret wars, infiltration, domination, persecution. All that we tried to get away from when we had the French Revolution and all the bright ideas that followed in that change.

Now, it was because the technology and the power mechanics fostered this situation. Yes Stalin and Churchill did not like each other much, and consequently the Cold War started. But it was also due to the news situation where the news papers were more and more prone to let themselves be infiltrated and corrupted. In Denmark there is a huge discussion on this issue right now, one of the top journalists in the Cold War was directly controlled by Kreml. So things got corrupted and started to lean in the direction of oppression and tyranny.

Now the Cold War has finally ended, and new trends emerge. One of the most liberating trends have been the internet. The internet has, on one hand let to a rise in pornography and scoundrels, but at the same time the intellectual progress has been unparalleled.

It is much to be compared with the French Revolution, where the same factors were apparent. The environment the French Revolution was born in, was a free for all environment where at one hand rationalism, patriotism, democracy and intellectual development was burgeoning, but at the other hand darker things as masochism and sadism was promoted and lived.

My point is, we are leaving the tyrannies behind, and we are moving into a phase of rapid development.

The ideas we have worked upon the last ten to twenty years are now soon to be realized in new development. The rise of religion, the rise of the sovereign democratic nation, the enlightenment traditions, the mythic folklore tradition, economic patriotism, the integration of all three monotheistic religions and the anti Islamic fascist movement. All these ideas, and much more are now to be realized in the next twenty years.

Let us hope it will not be as violent as the French Revolution, but I doubt it, looking at the antiquarian Cold War systems, as they cling to power and oppress and tyrannize all who they see as threaths to their old world views.

G-d bless the free and the humane.

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