Today there was a new bill in the mailbox. My beautiful wife had the opportunity to repay some of her “debt” to the tax system.

She is extremely scrupulous when it comes to paying her bills, and it must have taken them some effort to find something in her past they could charge her for.

The saga goes on, the persecution is relentless. Right now, I do not even think the persecution makes any sense to the persecutors anymore. It has become a habit, a way of live. They do it to make a point to the international community, that I am their turf, and they can and will treat me any way the can and wish.

If they wish to give more torture to Rakel, they will, if they wish to continue the pressure on our economy, they will.

They will haunt me to the end my life, just to make the point, that they are in control.

The international community seems to be in either disrespect, in negligence, or maybe they just do not care.

I believe in giving, I have done so for many years, without any repayment. I will continue to do so, but perhapse SOME of my readers would like to repay the service.

You see, if all you think about is your own destiny, yourself, you, you, you. You end up as not doing service to G-d.

G-d bless the willing and the one who will sacrifice.

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