imageBringing Iran away from the course of less accept and the more shallow understanding of what Iran is, is a difficult one. Because Iran is an ancient Nation, it dates all the way back to Cyrus, and the layers of wisdom is fused together in an often destructive way.

When Islam was introduced into Persia, it was not done peacefully, but in a very dramatic way. So the old gods were driven away, and the wisdom they held is now almost forgotten.

Zoroastrianism is a very interesting creed, and the height of science and philosophy reached in those days are much higher than what we have today, in the West as in the East.

The understanding of the universe was extremely advanced and we need that understanding to blossom again.

Iran has the advantage, compared to the West, that there are no boundaries and corruption to fight to reach a stage where the ancient knowledge is fused with modern knowledge. The interest is there, the ability and thus the movement can progress rapidly.

In the West one scientist or philosopher is outstanding; Newton. Newton really made the foundation under the industrial revolution. He focused on ancient learning as mathematics and physics.

These subject are the key to an industrial revolution in Iran as well. If you want to hold your destiny in your own hands, study physics and mathematics.

These subjects can be studied in, among other places, the Niels Bohr institute. Especially The Niels Bohr institute could be interesting for the clerics of Iran, because here they actually combine physics and metaphysics. Niels Bohr was a metaphysicist a well as a physicist. I think there is beautiful symbolism in the fact that Niels Bohr is the “father” of the nuclear bomb, he was the leader of the team that made it, and the fact that the world is now rejecting the destructiveness of his making. He himself called for an open world, because he was scared about the long term effects of his engineering.

The point is, I believe you would need a COMBINED progression of mechanics and metaphysics in order to create a true unique Persian version of a worldview. Do not accept the false and untrue belief in natural science that G-d is not in existence. He or it is, it is a matter of understanding the material world in accordance with the immaterial world.

You may go through the Danish foreign system to reach Niels Bohr, they would love the opportunity, and their world is truly intriguing.

G-d bless the will to remain free of all that binds and hinders.

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