What now world?

Congratulations Israel with the 70’th birthday. A cause to celebrate, a place to call home in a hostile world.

There is no secret in the fact, that I was not that crazy about the dumping of the Iran deal. But the fact that the US moved its embassy to Jerusalem signifies the fact, that Jerusalem is the birthplace of Israel, and it is in the hands of Jews.

You can say much, but Trump is not the best of diplomats in the classical sense. That is doing all the kow towing of political compromise. But is a classical western man, fighting for his place in the sun, with the means he has.

Don’t get me wrong, I like that, I do it myself.

The problem however right now, is that I made a deal with Iran. So if I do not defend it, then my credibility is gone. I have to stick with the deals I make, or I will be seen as unserious.

So by forcing my hand, Trump has essentially forced the rest of the world to chose between my leadership or his own. It’s not that I believe that Trump wants to do that, that is just the effect of rejecting the Iran deal. Mr. Bolton does not see the historical picture, and how Obama and I made the deal because we fought down Ahmadinejad. He is new to the game.

I do not seek a confrontation with Mr. Trump, but I do want to keep focus on the issues i believe are the most important. Right now, that is the fight against IS. IS has just knifed down civilians in France, they are building a huge weapon of mass destruction towards Europe by destabilizing Middle African countries. THAT is a problem.

Iran seeks to further its power in the Middle East, all the powers in the Middle East seek to do that. I prefer peace, but the power game is the power game. We all play it. Right now, Iran has succes.

When Israel attacks Iran, Iran retaliates by proxy.

It’s just that, Iran is currently not a world menace. Ahmadinejad was, he sponsored different bad guy states around the world. Iran does not, it plays the Middle East power game, to the best of its ability.

So, I believe, that the rest of the world should just go on with the problems we face with IS.

G-d bless the will to be clear on our priorities.

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