There are many who wish to change the way we live. Small time intellectuals, great thinkers, the bully down the ally and so on.

But true Change will only happen very rarely, and I believe, that it will only happen, if the people who do these things have wisdom.

Now wisdom is an archaic word, and perhaps it is too old in a sense. But nonetheless I belive, that that is what we have lost over the last century.

What is wisdom? According to Plato (Epinomis) wisdom is the knowledge of the good. But a knowledge that is based on the understanding of spirit.

It is a kind of triangulation. Wisdom prerequisites knowledge of good, knowledge of G-d and this synthesis gives you wisdom.

I can see it in many of my predecessors, Marx one of them, he did not have knowledge of G-d, and consequently, his theories were often bereft of true goodness. He did not have the drive towards good and humanity in his ideas.

He also did not heed the wisdom of Lycurgus, whom he owed his ideas of Sparta. According to Lycurgus, as spartan society should be absolutely closed to work. He theorized the opposite, and consequently Marxism does not work.

True wisdom today is therefor, to really understand what is up and down in theory, knowing where it comes from, and then choose what is good for people. Having the drive to see the little mans best.

That will give you true Change. It will often tear the social fabric apart, because more often than not, the fabric is based on some unwise ideas. As in some of Marxses less good ideas. But the endresult will be good, if the theories are truly wise.

G-d bless the will to be humble in the face of power.

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