UK election

Well, well, well, who would have though that. A hung parliament, and the pollsters, once again, had it all wrong.

Anyway. If we look at the issues discussed and the outcome, this was a very difficult election, not at least because there were two terror attacks in the midst of it.

This skewered the whole election, because the momentum that Ms. May needed was destroyed over and over again. In that sense the terrorist did at least win by setting the agenda.

Instead of talking Brexit we ended up talking security and austerity, two issues that are actually not handled that well by Ms. May.

I am not here to point fingers, but to try, honestly, to analyse what happened.

As the result is ticking in, we see that the Tories are dependent on Ireland, this is interesting, and we will see what that leads to. But since the DUP are hardcore Brexiteers, that would actually mean a HARDER Brexit strategy than what Ms. May started with. That is also interesting, none saw that coming.

The overall picture however is, that people do want Brexit, you can see that in Scotland, where the independence movement has receded and in Ireland as well.

In fact, that has strengthened the Brexit narrative quite a lot.

One thing however that should be abundantly clear however is the fact, that the austerity measures that the German EU pressed for are not viable anymore. Austerity has to be softened and less deconstruction of the scrambling wealthfarestate should be done.

At the end of the day, people want a patriotic Britain with a strong wealthfarestate. That is the message that the people are trying to get through to the politicians.

In fact, that is not a repeal of the current Brexit course, because a strong wealthfarestate is not possible within the EU. So if Labour wants to cling on to the straw that has been made available, campaigning for a soft Brexit will go against the will of the people.

Interesting indeed, as the politicians get on with the analysis, as I presume they will over the next couple of days, a more clear picture will emerge, and that picture will be, that we have a vote of nation socialism. Not Nazism, but a wealthfarestate within a sovereign nation. That was unexpected.

G-d bless the United Kingdom and may we find our way.

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