The lion of London bridge

There has been a lot of discussion on the current development, and that the UK treads new ground. Tackling the islamists is perhaps difficult, and how will it end and so on. 

Just to be clear on this, since it is basically my ideas we are working with. There is absolutely nothing new in the ideas as such, all is based on well proven philosophy, that stems from the Athenian philosopher Aristotle. The combination is off cause new, since Islam did not exist in the times of Aristotle, but the principles of Democracy and how it relates to threats are the same. 

Add to this, the strategy has been well tested, on the battle field in the Middle East. Here it has brought wonders I never dreamed about. After Mr. Trump has toured the Middle East, thank you Mr. Trump, even the Arabs are actively chipping in, pushing Quatar out of the alliance since Quatar is the main sponsor of radicalism. 

This means, in practice, that there will be no significant international backlash if a serious effort to trample down ISIS and likeminded organizations is done. On the contrary, it will be seen as a significant push for the alliance. 

On the ground we have also some serious experience with fighting ISIS. They are good, even brilliant in their use of the very limited resources they have. We should not understimate them. They are inventive, versatile, creative, dedicated and truly believe in their cause. 

We are, at the other hand, demoralized, fat and absolutely ruined by the Cold War. The political correctness has been eating us up, and we are almost without any faith in anything. 

So it is truly a David and Goliath fight, problem is, WE are the Goliath.

But we need to turn that boat around, and reinvent ourselves. Get healthy and sound again. 

We are at the end of the river at the heart of Darkness, and Mr. Kurz is wispering; we are all going to die. 

Turning the boat around, and leaving that Heart of Darkness, and fight our way up of the river is going to be tough. But there is no choice, if we want to survive. 

The turnaround will be painful, and yes, there will be rivers of blood, and yes it is the effect of demoralization and fatigue. But Mr. Frodo did climb that hill and did face the evil of Mordor, so we DO have that resilience and courage to face the evil in our midst. 

If you want to delve into the philosophy and ideas behind the fight we are fighting, Please look here. 

The Freestate

G-d bless the lion of London bridge. 

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