Our protector

In these devastating and difficult times, we need guidance. Not just heavenly guidance, but, as I see it, guidance from a certain aspect of spirit.

We are entering a war, that is quite obvious, and this war, if we want to end up with peace, has to be conducted in a very intelligent and planned manner. With this, I will be honest about whom I see as my spiritual mentor. St. Michael, archangel Michael. The leader of the free spirits, and the general of the soldiers of light. The healer and the warrior. 

I believe, that in his arms we have a way out of this destructive war we are entering. 

Let us be honest. No kind of PC talk will actually get us out of this calamity. The Muslim Brotherhood is deeply entrenched in the UK. So is Hamas, ISIS, Al-Queda and a number of the radical Islamic organizations that are fighting the jihadi war worldwide. 

In this situation, no amount of cowardice or disregard for the truth will work on our behalf. Only the honest understanding of the matter, and the action that will truly lead to the reduction of these organizations. 

In this area, I believe we need a spiritual guide, that understands war, but has peace as the aim. 

More PC will not get us anywhere, but an honest discussion will. 

It is not all Muslims who fight our ways, but those who do are Muslims, and we need to accept that and act accordingly. With all the tools of the state. Vigilantly, intelligently, forcefully and dedicated. 

G-d bless the United Kingdom.

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