The political consequence of Darwin

One of the main consequences of a Darwinian understanding of the world, is that we still see competitition between people as a fight between races.

We sincerely still believe that either the white race will dominate the world, or at the other end of the spectrum, that the white race should be dissolves.

Especially Germany has been hard hit with a Darwinian understanding of the world in the Second World War, where Hitler made the Darwinian ideas political philosophy.

For many years, we have tried to fight these absurd race theories, but failed. Why? Because the true medication to the problem is not to fight the white race or not, it is to get rid of the very idea that there are races, and they always fight each other.

It’s nonsense. There is no such thing as an endless race war.

Taking the Empedochlean understanding to a political level, we see, that the theories stop this absurd madness.

We do not have to talk about a race war, because we do not believe that there is such a thing. Yes there is strife in the world, but there is also love.

The religious person, what does he strive to do? Does he search for strife, or does he try to make a world where there is more love?

See, with a more sound worldview, the whole system of abuse and ridiculous ideas of Darwin is healed away.

Instead of Germany fighting its history of race war by mixing its own race with other races (the very idea makes me sick). Germany should fight the very idea of a world with races, and fight for a world where strife ends.

See the effect of a sound idea about the world?

Essentially it is because Darwin used the Empedoclean ideas but removed spirit of the theories, that we have ended up in this absurd ideas.

DO NOT remove G-d out of your ideas, it will create hell on earth.

Humanity needs a positive aim to function.

We have become g-dless, and we are paying the price.

G-d bless the willingness to accept the new ideas brought forth. Not only by the religious community but by the scientific as well. We need to heal to become sound again.

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