Empedocles vs. Darwin

The main problem for religion these days is the lack of theory that competes with physics and natural science in general.

I have tried to make an alternative to the current physical theory regarding spirituality. That of my Anaxagorean explanation of G-d, and I have also tried, some years ago, to compete with Darwin.

After reading the book of Empedochles, I believe my ideas about nature in relation to spirit has come full circle.

My main point about Empedochles in relation to Darwin has been, that the Darwinian expiation of natural growth is wrong in the sense that it is too simple. According to Empedochles nature develops in a cycle of strife fighting love. First love is predominant, then strife, then love and so on.

This goes hand in hand with Darwin who believe that there are two main motors of nature, that of survival of the fittest and that of sex.

In fact it seems quite probable that Darwin have read Empedochles, his theories are quite similar, just a little bit more primitive in its construct. Darwin does not talk of cycles to my knowledge.

There was one point I have missed in my reading of Empedochles, that I have now added to my understanding. That is, Empedochles was spiritual. He sincerely believed, that love is G-d. Most religious people of cause recognize this point. We all believe this.

But the thing about Empedochles theory is, that he believes, as a consequence of his faith that love is G-d. That in nature there is a fight between love (G-d) and strife.

See the picture. With Empedochles we actually have a serious theory that competes very well with Darwin. And to us who are actually religious it has the added bonus, that it includes an understanding of G-d in nature.

Let me try and paint the picture in a bit more vivid way.

Take a reef. A reef is often an amazingly beautiful place of life. Millions of fish wander inbetween each other, crafty seashells do their thing, myriads of plankton color the water. It is a place of beauty and, if you take a closer look, of love. The Dolphins love their offspring, the seahorses take care of each other, even plants have friends and family nearby.

A sacred place of love.

Then a epidemic foreign sort of crab starts invading the sanctuary, it destroys a lot of the fish and vegetation, strife has arrived. The indigenous species fight back and eventually a new balance arrives. Love is then again in the air. Get it?

If we can actually shift our understanding of nature from a Darwinian perspective to a Empedochlean perspective, nature all of a sudden makes much more sense. Why is it, that we try to protect nature? Because it is a wonder work of G-d. Why is it that we try to understand love and peace in the world? Because this is the G-dly state of things.

Off cause sometimes we need to take up the gun, if we are invaded or evil is in the air. But otherwise we try to copy the realm of spirit.

G-d bless the will to do good and see the world anew.

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