A sound police

Joe, when I wrote my last book “Eden”, one of the main points became the discussion of a well working police force.

We have had that discussion after the marches of Black Lives Matter, and it was a very difficult moment for the US.

We HAVE to have a police force in the US, in any country to be fair. At the other hand, this police force HAS to be sound and well working.

A morally corrupted police force, will ruin the country, essentially.

Now I know, that Floyd was a criminal and all that, at the other hand, he was also a human being. The whole BLM movement came at a time when the country was in tatters after Covid, so, to me, it was a bit overreacting. The trenches were getting deeper at the time.

Now however, things have calmed down, and it is a time for a repair of the police force.

It should be a repair, that makes the police force and local sheriffs MORE like a good police, and we should not punish the police for the problems they have.

The police is a force of good, if it works. It is supposed to be the protector of the weak. The Sheriff looks out for the little guy and girl, in his or her fight against the tyrant.

There are a lot of tyrants in these days, people, who, maybe without thinking too much about it, take what is not theirs.

This is what the police is supposed to work on. BUT it HAS TO BE BY THE BOOK!

So a reform, where the police gets to focus on their core duty, and all the bad habits they have acquired over the years are revised out of the way they work, like the Capone method, using digital means to harass people and so on, we can make a BETTER and more sound police force.

This could be a good project for your next term.

G-d bless the will to make a sound and healthy police that protects the weak.

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