American renaissance

There is actually a lot of potential for reform in the book “Eden”, one of the main arguments I put forth is, that science is off in terms of its focus. The best scientists talk about “the light of science” and so on. But it is only me, I guess, that truly knows the idea about science.

Let me try to explain.

Science is a platonist movement. It started in a small grove dedicated to the hero Academus, so we scientists are called academics.

There were competing schools at the time, the “stoics” who were teaching between some pillars, so they were named after the pillars, a pillar is called “stoa” in greek.

So we are all, essentially, platonists, heirs to Platos school.

So what was the aim of Plato? You have to know him to know it, you have to know his history, his background and his ideas to the core.

Plato was a student of the classical Egyptian mystery schools, specifically the mystery school of the sun G-d Ra. So, Plato was, essentially, a disciple of this deity.

What was the point of the sun G-d Ra? It was that the LIGHT and the TRUTH is the same.

Get it?

The LIGHT and the TRUTH is the same.

So students of the platonic school all do that, find truth with the light.

That is renaissance right there.

We could, with this realization, make reforms to universities all over the world, to be much more IDEALISTIC about what we do. Find the light and the truth.

Everybody would be thrilled about that, because this renaissance movement is always when we are at our best. Think about Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus, Voltaire the most illustrious thinkers of the West.

We can actually have a moment of that, an American renaissance.

G-d bless the will to have an American renaissance.

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