Add a helping hand, please

I may have got an opening in my quest to find a decent job, that may actually make it possible for me to guarantee my service to the international agreement in the Iran deal.

To make it work in the long run, I need to be more than just a gifted blogger boheme, and actually have a living to underpin my work.

Through the order of st. John, where I happen to be a commander, my immediate superior knight has put in a word in UNDP to make it possible for me to work on my ideas on solving the migrant crisis in Europe.

This is quite good, if this works, I can work on guaranteeing the Iran deal, and help solve the European migrant crisis.

If anyone reads this, and can get word to the UN, specifically Mette Fjelland in UNDP, please do so, it will be a huge favour, and I will be able to lift my work from a hobby to a profession. Hobby work is ok, if it does not entail so much responsibility, but the Iran deal is above hobby status.

Please, if anyone, especially in the US administration wish for this deal to come clear and work. Help me get my things together, and make it happen. Please, and thank you.

G-d bless that helping hand.

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