Beauty and depravity

landscapes4_20070401_2054744621Finding G-d goes through many paths. It can be contemplation, intellectual research, sacrifice og prayer. But there is one path, I believe we should prioritize and not forget that, instantly, gives us something, not only spiritually, but also just for our joy, the aim of art; beauty.

We, as conservatives, strive, as always for a rebirth of the ancient traditions. Not that these traditions cannot change in face of reality, but development should be done through the marriage of ancient principles with the world we are living in. Through understanding what used to be ideas of worth and quality in the light of present day. This is truly renaissance, as I see it. Socrates had his ideas about free speech thousands of years ago, but today we try and understand them in the light of the challenges we are met with.

So what about renaissance today? Art and beauty are sought through millennia, thousands and thousands of years. As realized in innumerable edifices around the world. Things that morons and uncivilized people destroy as in Iraq and Palmyra today.

This strife between beauty and barbarity should not drag us down on the level of the barbarians, but lift us to strife for more beauty, not less.

What is beauty really? To answer this question, we, off cause, have to see it in an Egyptian light. Most of the ideas behind what we today know as aestethics or ideas of beauty, are renaissance ideas. That is platonic ideas realized in, especially, the Italian renaissance. Add to this Vitruvius, a Roman, we can all see what it points to; Pythagoras.

Pythagoras was the Greek that, as Plato, had had a long stay in the classical Egyptian society, before et actually fell to Alexander the Great. That is, before it got conquered, and slowly went into decline.

At the time, Egypt was the true land of wonder and magic. It held numerous secrets, that we relay today through, among other sources; the bible, and especially the founder of Judaism truly; Moses.

Anyway, Pythagoras really siphoned a lot of secrets from his stay in Egypt, among them the basic of musical theory, and, I believe, of beauty itself.

Beauty is, according to Egyptian lore; the science of geometry. We can see it in the Egyptian pyramids; perfect geometrical structures.

But not only in architecture do we find geometry, we also find it in painting, where Leornado da Vinci realized the mathematical principle behind the figure of Mona Lisa. The Egyptians had developed a kind of map of the body, that they used to make their statues. This lore was learned and used by the Romans in their statue making, among other things, making statues as Michelangelo did. The statue of David, being one of the most famous.

This is truly what is threatened by Islamic State, this search for beauty and eloquence. Islamic state are harbingers of evil and chaos, and they are therefor the definition of ugly and depraved, as they show in defiling ancient sites of beauty. What a shame for mankind, having these rural depravities having sway over the inheritance of man. Barbarity and stupidity, once more roll over our shores, smashing beauty, destroying our civilization from within.

We should remember this, when we fight these barbarians, they are here to quell beauty as well as honesty and light.

G-d bless our saviour; Moses.

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