America and Europe

justiceThe theory of North America and North Europe have a funny collaborative development. To be a little oversimplifying, you could say, that the liberals are very good friends on both sides of the atlantic pond. The american liberals adore the europeans, and vice versa. On the other hand the conservatives on both sides of the pond have no real love for each other, but then again, we are all descendants of the same theoretical traditions, so we still listen to each other and get inspired. As I have with mr. Victor David Hanson and mr. Daniel Pipes. There is, however a major difference in the powerstructures of the European states and american states. The european states are much stronger, and much more ready to kill, rob and rape the citizens of their respective country. The fight is much harder on the european side. Just take the example of Theo van Gogh, Pim Fortuyn, and Stop Islamization of Denmark including me here in Denmark.

The funny thing is that current state ideology of the european states is a copy of the liberal agenda of the americans; multiculturalism. The reason why the european conservatives, as I, are killed, is because we oppose the liberal agenda, and fight for our countries. This would never happen in the US. In the US Victor David Hanson and Daniel Pipes are respected intellectuals. People might not agree with them, but they would never kill them.

This harshness of the europeans creates a lot of negative sentiment, and the stakes are much higher. Now, the danish state tried to kill me. For me to have justice, I have to persecute the responsible persons in the political sphere and in media. To finish the process that the danish elite initiated when they tried to kill me, I have to go a long way.

The paradox of it all would be if the conservatives win the hearts of the american people and the liberal agenda, multicultural agenda is forfeit. Then the europeans would have to deal with a american America, and perhaps I would have friends, in America, that would help me here in Europe and Denmark.

With the copycat mentality of the danish academia, the danish academians would consequently have to copy some of the ideas that I fight for right now. So how would they treat me in such a situation?

Well I will tell them how I would treat them; I would give them justice.

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