The antisemitic trends

September 29th, 2009

naziThe current antisemitic trends within the danish society are devious in its construct, and extremely dangerous. The number of, more or less, open antisemites are very low, but they wield a lot of power, because they occupy central positions within media, academia and politics.

The worst of them all is the editor of the daily “Politiken”. Politiken was founded by a jew, Brandes, a leading figure of philosophy and politics for his time.

The current editor however, Seidenfaden, hardly disclose his support to the most radical islamic organizations. It all peaked half a year ago, when the editor had a positive reaction to Hamas supporters doing the nazi heil just in front of the editorial building. At the rally, for Israel, it was only because of a very alert and competent police that the jews survived. Otherwise they would have been killed, there on the spot.

The antisemitic sentiment, and the pro islamic course is however more widespread. Seidenfadens ways are just the tip of the iceberg.

Within media the major threat to the jews of Denmark is not a topic, not even when they are threatened directly as at the rally. And here the deviousness of the antisemites are unfolded, the strategy is extremely effective and simple. The antisemites are mostly a part of the leftwing/socialist/communist parties. Through their power over the media they have continously attacked the supporters of the jews, namely parties as Dansk Folkeparti. The strategy has been to label Dansk Folkeparti as racist and nazist. Thereby taking away the scrutiny of their own antisemitic and proislamic agenda. It goes to the extreme, as when the citycouncil condoned the building of a mosque supported by the iranian revolutionary guard.

There are however some good news. The influence of the antisemitic left is reduced, and has been over the last 5 – 10 years. Right now the most powerful leftist antisemite Seidenfaden is extremely unpopular, and he might loose his job very soon. The whining rethoric of the left, spewing hatespeech, does not work so well anymore. The proleft public broadcaster Danmarks Radio (the BBC of Denmark) just lanched a tv series with all the traditional stereotypes of the “right wing extremists”, but nobody takes it serious anymore. Actually the support for Danmarks Radio is really diminishing day by day.

The fight is however still in its initial phase, and we will probably loose it if there is not immidiatly put some energy in it. Rumors have it that the jews are fleeing from Sweden, just a stonethrow away from Denmark. So we have our backs against the wall.

Luckily we have support. The famous newspaper Jyllandsposten is on our side, and there are strong forces within politics supporting the jews, and there are some amazing bloggers on our side as well. So the base and the power is there to jumpstart the fight. But we really have to get into it, a few years from now, it is too late, and the jews will have to flee Denmark as well.

So, please, any support, just a little notice, some words of recognition would be cool. It is, again, a matter of live and death.

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