napoleonThe current immigration policies of the European Union may very well stem from the underlying competition between the federal government and the national parliaments.

It is no secret that the federal bureaucracy tries its very best to grasp as much power as possible. This to the extent that it borders to outright treachery of the european people.

Immigrants are perphaps seen as new citizens by the federal government. New citizens that do not have the loyalty to the nationstates, and are therefor loyal to the  federal system. This is very wrong, the immigrants do not swear loyalty to the EU, they swear loyalty to either the Umma, the islamic state, or their tribe, wherever they come from. Actually the immigrant are much more nationalistic than the average european.

So the European Union have mixed up a brew that may very well tear the world asunder.

Let us have a look on the history of Europe seen from a state angle.

Up here in the north we have had nationstates the last 4 – 5000 thousand years, with a brief multicultultural interpose between 1100 to approximately 1900. Then the nationstate was reinstated. Lower down in Germany the shift of states was after the french invasion in app. 800. Before this Germany was organized more or less in the same way as in Denmark.

The kingdoms of Europe, combined with the papal state of the vatican was, in effect a multicultural state. A good example is the Habsburg realm. The Habsburgs was the major powerplayer before the advent of France with Napoleon. The Habsburgs ruled over Austria, The Netherlands, Spain and many other locations. In effect, the Habsburg reich really was a multicultural state. You could call it the inheritor of Rome, as they held some of the same ideological principles as Rome, ruling the state with justice.

The european union was build on the skeleton of Europe after the second world war. The second world war was really also a war between nationstates, and federal states. Nazigermany was very tribal in their ideology, they dreamt about the thousand year reich of the blue eyed arians, but they had no respect for nations. Actually you could say that nazigermany was a federal idea, it tried to gobble up as much as it could, creating a new empire. It was multicultural in the sense that many people of diffferent kind was a part of the reich, but there were layers of power. The Arians on the top, the jews in the bottom. The soviet union was really also a federal idea. Only France, England, Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands and a few countries others were real nations. Even The United States has a strong federal element.

Therefor you cannot blame the second world war on the nationstates. Having a nationstate is just a way of organizing a given number of people.

Consequently the war on the nationstates made by the European Union, is based on a false premise. The huge flux of immigrants into Europe organized by the UNHCR in collaboration with The UN and The EU, is really a very unjust action done by the political, economical and bureaucratic elite.

Actually one of the most common motives of war is injustice. The second world war was motivated by injustice done to the german people. Germany was unjustly plundered by France after the first world war. And the german people reacted by electing a tyrant to stem the influence of France.

The next coming war is also based on injustice. It is injustice done by the elite to the common man. The situation in Europe is, right now, a situation of utter chaos, especially in the quarters of the poor. Because really, the conflict between immigrants and the indegenous people of Europe is mainly in the poor areas. The lines of conflict is therefor, in this war between immigrants and the original europeans, between the people and the elite.

The elite seem to live in a world of security. Well, they have put the people in a situation where they are raped, robbed and killed. This injustice will fall back on themselves, if you believe in the justice of nature. So far, the elite have been secured by the law, but if the law falls, as it has done in many areas. I am quite sure that the elites are pretty easy targets to take down.

The elite still have a little time to run on, to change course. But so much blood has already flown down the river, so I really doubt that the change is even possible.

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