America, russia and Poland

It is of a utmoast importance, that you use the momentum you gained in the election, do not sleep on the laurels. One very pressing issue is the relationship to the Russians. In the beginning of the first term, they were very optimistic about the restart of the relationship you tried to give them and America combined. The relationship was improved but was soured over the issue of Poland. Poland vies for the alliance of America, because they are living in the shadow of Russia, or you could say, that there are certain memories of conquest that the Polish people are still remembering.

It might be right, it might be wrong, but one thing is certain, as long as the relationship between Russia and Poland is still in the deepfreezer, progress of peace between United States of America and Russia will be hampered. It needs to be tackled in an elegant and a warm and peaceful way. The relationship should be encouraged over lines of dialogue and peaceful cooperation.

The best thing would be if the Russian byzantine church and the Catholic church could exchange diplomatic discussions and symbolic invitations. The situation today is really improved from the time of communism, and the churches understand each other. It is time to heal wounds, and forgive.

An initiative in this direction would be a work of peace.

G-d bless the importance of forgiveness and love.

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