It seems to me, that the victory I crafted together with Mr. Barack Obama has the immediate result as a major crisis within the conservative part of the American constituency.

This I am truly sorry to have done. I am an outsider, and basically it is not my job to help anybody in the american election. My friend Barack Obama asked me kindly to do it, so I off cause did that, after all the things we have been through together. But, it was not in a partisan way. A philosopher in a Danish context is supposed to support all, and be a bridge builder not a divider.

So, to try to lift you guys out of your thinking in crisis terms, a good start would be to understand why Barack Obama won. Seen from my perspective, it was because he focused on an ideological path. He stood up for freedom of speech, solidarity, his friends in the workers union. He brought Osama Bin Laden to justice, and he tried to bring peace to the Middle East. So he fought, and still fights for his ideals. This is basic fallback plan of any American politician, or any American at all, because, America is based on these values; the bright soldiers of light.

So in a crisis situation, a normal thing for a company or indeed a country to do, is to fall back on the values and the spirit of a nation. How do we get up on our horse and bring justice to all? How do we treat each other with kindness and love? How do we ensure the wellbeing of the industrial part of society? How do we support the local community? By being frank, and sincere and honest to the task that lies ahead of all Americans; the rebuilding og commerce, factory structures, local football and veteran support. By being the patriots that Clint Eastwood tries to tell us to be. That Bruce Springsteen sings about. When Germany was in trouble, what they did was to pull together and lower wages, and work on everything. Germany is much different than the United States, but it gives us an example to follow. If Germany can pull trough, US of A can as well. It is all about putting the animosity away, and start rebuilding. Rome did it in its darkest hours, it worked, so United States of America can do it as well. It is all about digging your way through those hard times ahead, and start working for the nation again.

G-d bless America.

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