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In the light of the current defeat in Wisconsin, we need to rethink our strategy a little. We need to realize, that the economical pressure and blitz of Romneys campaign will be a strong weapon.

To counter this weapon, we need to make a revising look at our own weapons.

First of all, we have a sound ideological battle in front of us. Let us recount; the struggle to rewind the clockwork of corporate America, the defense of not only the US but the West at large from islamic terrorism, the recapturing of american spirit and a society based on law and equality. Add to this a more passionate care for the wellbeing of american citizens in the health issue, and that will keep us occupied for the rest of the watch.

First of all, let us be serious about the economy. It has changed. The chinese growth rate is loosing its steam. What does that mean. It means someone is not sending off jobs and production to China, but keeping it home. And even some might have insourced the jobs. It must be that, otherwise the numbers would be wrong. We just have to keep steady in the process, and the growth will, hopefully continue. We cannot weather off problems in Europe, but we can make our own case as strong as possible.

I would like to know what the CEO of Apple is doing to the next rollout of hardware. Is he taking the production home? If he does, it would be a tremendous boost to our strategy. Not that he knows of it much, but because the entire grassroot sector on IT is seriously trying to bring home development and production to America.

Then there is the tools we have at hand. Let me be absolutely clear about this. The best tool is yourself. You are at tremendous speaker, use it. If you want to get a message out. Speek about it, and people will listen.

Then there is new media. This is another tool, let us hope we can put it to the best use. It will bring us close to young voters, voters who are, traditionally on our side.

One strategical alliance here is Hollywood. The Kony campaign is a campaign we need to understand and pay attention to. This campaign actually reached the entire world, and shook up a lot of support, it was backed by Hollywood.

This shows us the power of new media. Now the Kony case is a two-sided sword. On one hand, the support of Clooney and Hollywood would give us a good ally, on the other hand the alliance will have to be payed back in terms of support for their cause. Their cause is the stopping of the atrocities in middle Africa. There is no doubt that it is somewhat just cause. But it will be difficult to use high-tech military machinery to stop a guerilla warfare. And I do not think, with all respect, that Hollywood really understand the intricacy of international diplomacy and the difficulty of it. But, we need to help them if they help us. So we need to devise at serious plan to actually get Kony, and they will, hopefully, satisfied.

Now, then it is very important that we keep steady. Our weapons are what they are, and I hope we will win, but we should always be on the lookout for trouble, and try to be honest with our own strengths and weaknesses.

G-d bless us all

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