To win the next American election, we have to analyze the difficulty of the current system.

According to the basic theory of a nation, there are three elements; president, the upper house and the lower. Why? Because according to the basic lore og the polis theory, there are three ways of governing man; by the rule of the king, the aristocracy or the people.

Now, again according to theory, if the government is solely governed by the king, it leads to corruption of the king. If it is solely led by the aristocracy it leads to corruption by the aristocracy, and so on.

So, in order to balance the different parts of society we introduce an advanced system where all three parts of government are present. President: The king. Upper house: The aristocracy. Lower house: The people.

Looking at the current crisis the problem is quite evident; the system and the nation as such is riddled with corruption. Not monetary corruption, but ethical or moral corruption.

This is according to Plato seen in the fact that nobody respects the teachers, the nation as such, the citizenship, the law. I may add; the family and the religion.

Now, harking back to a middleage control system with an all-powerful church would not serve us very well. We need to find something in the middle. In the middle between too much and too little.

This is the core of the conservative movement of Europe. We realize that we have hade too much freedom and too little honour or ethics. We need to turn the tables and be more loyal, sincere and respectful of our peers.

Now, the philosopher is the guardian of democracy, and exactly in a situation as the one we are in now, we have to help and fight to make things straight.

The problem is just, that the philosopher can only advice and not control anything. Therefor I am extremely dependent on the shakers and movers of politics and power in general.

But the aim is really quite simple; we need to push an ethical agenda. Make people serve the nation again, rein in all the disloyalty to family and friends. Be respectful again to the basic tenants of our culture.

Politicians are used to control our society by giving people money as an incentive or punishment. Moral is something different, it does not care about money. Money is just a commodity, not aim.

Therefor the task is much more difficult as a leader of a corrupt nation than we imagine. We need to inspire, lead people the right way, make them serve as we do.

Now, there is an idea. I know I have presented i before, but I really hope it could do something to the moral corruption of our current nations.

We need to give people an incentive to work for the nation. We need to thank them if they really have done something great.

When Napoleon had his first hundred days of government, his most valued contribution to the new republic was exactly such a gratifying system. He build an institution of thank yous. The new republic made medals, distributed honour, called people to the palace to say thank you. That helped, and I am sure that the Napoleon orders are still a central piece of the french fabric of government.

This institution does not distribute wealth or money, it distributes honour. This is what will call the citizens to ethical behaviour.

Now, to do it right it must be done in a manner with style. It has to be the nobel prize of America. It has to constructed and served as an institution directly under the president. Why? because in accordance with the theory of three parts of government, the king (president) is the most ethical person of the three.

So a letter of honour given to the people of service to the country, given by the president. Will, hopefully, inspire the citizens of America to be loyal.

The most important part of the country one would want to be loyal right now, is the business part. So a nobel prize of America could be started with a system to give honour to the business leaders.

Many voters are asking; what is the solution of the economic crisis of America? I say it is simple; make people flock around the american flag. They need to be told to it, but not in a tyrannical manner, a honourful manner. They should be lead with grace.

Such an institution could, potentially stand in a thousand years.

When the citizens acquire there medals. You could say something like this.

When you came to these exalted halls, you did it because you had faith in your country. That faith is hereby awarded by the grace of America. You may wonder what the gasoline of the voyage was. I will tell you. It was the light shining from the halls of Heliopolis, it was the honour given to you by the kings of Babylon. It was the faith inspired by the spirit of a great nation.

Take this small token of honour. Given to you by the people of America, as a sincere gratification. We know that in the darkest hour, you held onto the dream. We know that in the finest hour we stood beside you. We know that in the future we will carry on on the path of bright, shining light.

G-d bless American entrepreneurship

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