American election

The American election is extremely important because if Barack Obama wins, we have a chance to counter the threat of China, Iran and other antagonists of the West.

Let us be honest about it. The West is in deep trouble. The current legislation and construction of th European countries is riddled with stupidity and corruption. It is dragging Europe down. On the other side of the Atlantic ocean, America is quite a bit better but also burdened with many misgivings and strangled by an enormous debt.

If the American Union of democratic states had lived a more sober life it would be able to retain its power, now it is in the hands of its enemies.

The worst enemy is not Iran, it is China. We should not fool ourselves, China is an opportunistic player. We cannot control it, it controls itself. Playing both sides; America as well as Russia.

On one hand it collaborates with the capitalists of America giving them cheap labour at a horrendous human cost. At the other hand it collaborates with Russia to bring down the greenback by changing into other types of currency.

Who is the winner? Russia or America? Neither, China is the winner.

We should not underestimate the chinese, they are a crafty and intelligent player, trying with a deft hand to use both Russia and America in their own game. Their aim is simple; China are, in their perception a natural leader of human civilisation. They want to rule it all by playing a deft game appearing soft and meek, but really using all their resources to bring down the West. We should not be fooled.

Now, this is a challenge we need to meet. We meet it not by conquering them but by strengthening our own production capabilities.

Economy is not a simple thing when it comes to banks and transference of gold, but when it comes to real strength of an economy it is simple, it is all about production. We produce this or that, needles or flying machines. These items of commerce are sold to the internal or external buyers. However we do it, it all comes down to that. If we sell internally we do not need to buy from abroad, if we sell externally we make money to put in the bank for savings.

Now, that is the real task of an american presidency; to enhance the productive capabilities of a nation. But now it gets complicated. Because how do you do that?

By rationalizing? Well, yes you can make business more competitive, and that is always a good thing. But rationalization is just the repair of existing business, it does not create much new business.

I will tell you what will create new business; faith. Faith in your own strengths, faith in the system, faith in spirit. This is the basic core of motivation. The german theoretical writer Weber makes this point in a simple and elegant. He says that a protestant country without the faith in spirit will be a strong locomotive, without an aim. It will create disillusion and a lot of stress.

So we need to give people that faith again. How do you do that? By believing it yourself. You have to speak for the American dream. You have to fight to make people believe. You have to stand on that prayers stool and tell everybody that you believe. That you believe in the spirit of America, and you urge everybody else to join you remaking a new nation. The frontier of today is not and external thing, it is an internal thing. What you should win is the power of belief.

Now, seen from a realistic point of view. America has all the strengths it needs; a wise people, a tremendous amount of creativity, a restless yankee energy. Use that to enhance the power of America, use it to build where you stand.

If you win over the hearts of the American people and make the trust you, you can convince them to work for their country, to move back the production lines, to shed the easy fix of Foxconn.

That is the main reason of your popularity in the media and in the people; the willingness to fight for their bread.

G-d bless America.

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