Following in the footsteps of the discussion on the Zionist idea, I humbly try to comb through some of the misunderstandings and obvious antisemitic ideology that many non jews seem to uphold.

First of all. Jews, or the tribe of Judah, is just that; a tribe. It is not a race, it is not a political entity, it is not a nation, it is a tribe. A a consequence the tribe has moved numerous times, through the last four or five thousand years.

What is a tribe? A tribe is a collection of people who descend from the same wellspring of a tiny family. An example could be the tribe of the danes who are, according to legend the descendants of the king Skjold. Through time the tribe has diminished or has been enlarged. The tribe of Judah is a tribe that descents from a tiny land called Canaan. This is extremely important, because this tiny land served as the intermediate between the founding ideologies of the West, or, some say, the world. The founding ideologies are Egyptian ideology that gave us the kingdom as a political form, enlightenment, mathematics, construction on a large scale, magic and spirituality. On the other side it is Babylon, the main polis of the Middle East. Babylon gave us democracy, rule of law, banking, spirituality, legend and many other items.

There are other sources to our ideological basis, as Rome and Phoenicia, but the most important are the two of the sources of jewish ideology.

Zionism is the belief, that the basic tenants of the faith the jews, based on Egypt and Babylon should be enhanced and strengthened worldwide. In fact, the Messiah is the ultimate person to realize this dream. The jewish people have held on to the faith, through all the years after the fights that forced jews to leave Jerusalem, because in prophesy, the Messiah will ultimately realize the dream and the quest of the jews.

Through history the process of the Messiah has never stopped, jews have, with some luck and some drawbacks, tried to realize the covenant the jews made with spirit at the inception of the tribes quest. Let me recount a few; Christianity, Marxism, Kabbalah, globalism. All ideologies driven by the faith of the jews.

Now, as I said in the comment here. Not all ideologies were perfect, but all was, genuinely motivated by a sincere and honest attempt to save the humanity of the world.

As I have, openly said. I am a Zionist in what I would term a “renaissance” ideological version. Basically, I am a bit nerdish when it comes to theory and especially historical theory, and this has led me to the roots of the West; Babylon and Egypt. I realized, that these roots were quite living in the jewish faith, and as a consequence I have decided to reinvigorate my jewish inheritance. My great, great-grandfather was a jew, and the jewish temperament and faith has held strong in exactly my part of the family.

So, instead of projecting all kinds of faithless and, honestly, antisemitic, images on a renaissance Zionist. Take me, and the ones who listen to what I have to say, as what we are; sincere “do gooders”. We wish to water the roots of the western culture, and wherever some cultures still cling on to the faith of ancient Egypt and Babylon.

Is that something evil?

G-d bless Israel.

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