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One of my friends have just died. He was not what you would term as a close friend, and yet he gave much more than any other friend ever gave. His altruistic mind and his sacrificial soul was very special. He was one of those friends who would give you things, and never ask for anything in return.

This is his story.

In 1999, that is long before anybody else thought about criticizing Islam, before it became fancy, and long before you could make an international career on it, my friend started criticizing Islam. Now, my friend was a priest. Not only a priest, but a priest of the finest kind. He wrote several books on different spiritual issues as near death experience and christian prayer on esteemed publishing houses. He had a wonderful career as a devoted and loved father and carrier of souls.

The public career was however terminated the second he started criticizing Islam. It was impossible for him to publish his sharply driven and very intellectual books on any publishing houses. His critical stance with a blog and a union was shunned by the mainstream. All in all he became a leper in the eyes of the elite.

Yet he pursued, year after year, he kept the steam up, payed it all with money out of his own pocket. He worked day after day, to save his faith and his country.

Now, he has passed away, due to cancer. Cancer is a disease that thrives in an environment of insecurity and psychological distress. It is the disease of the unhappy. Sixty years on this little planet did he get. And no real thanks for the sacrifice he did.

I know this is a small token of recognition, and I know that the mainstream islamist/socialists media will do all it can to forget his name and his legacy. But I know one thing, I will remember him, and thank him for the advice he gave.

He was the one who made me realize that the good christians do not hate the jews as the socialist do. He came to me one day, and he said. I admire the jews. This gave me the incentive to work for reconciliation between jews and christians, because if such an honest and sacrificial person could like jews, I could do nothing but respect his point of view.

He went, as Jesus Christ on a path of thorns to sacrifice himself for the cause of good. Perhaps trying to take our sins with him.

G-d bless the memory of Rolf Slot-Henriksen

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