Skjold and Dan

The current development of the European project is interesting in many ways. The basic question is? On what lines will the development unfurl?

One of the basic difference between Danish and Anglo Saxon theory is the difference in the understanding of race. In England and beyond the different groups of people have always, at least as long as back to the writing of Ivanhoe, been seen in the light of race. There were the Anglo Saxon race, the Jewish race and so on. The culmination of racetheory in the nazi ideology was in fact just an end result of a development with a long story.

In Denmark the traditions are quite different, we have never seen ourselves as a race but as a tribe or a people. There are the Swedish tribes, and the Norwegian tribe (close to Denmark) and other tribes. This has evolved through different theoretical stratification mostly through what we in Denmark call Grundtvigian thought. (Grundtvig was the founder of folk theory).

So to explain the details in the theoretical difference. In England the theory was much based on biological research; Darwin among others. So, in a positive sense, it was a discussion of nature, Galapagos Island, different stratifications in terms of natural selection and so on. But, on the negative side; persecution of the Jewish “race”.

The termination of racetheory in the gas chambers of Nazigermany really brought both England but also the theoretical ideology of England to its knees.

In Denmark folk or tribe theory evolved around myths, creativity, storytelling, christianity, liberal thought and wisdom. It created a school system (Højskole) that had the purpose of enlightenment of the people as the end. It was a cultural renaissance.

Especially the Anglo Saxons have recently looked upon Denmark as a kind of ideological saviour of the Anglo Saxon crisis. For me, coming from a small country, it really took me by surprise. But after having thought about it, and being a staunch supporter of the Danish culture and our friends, it makes sense.

What the Anglo Saxons can use in Denmark is the tradition of northern european democratic thought that is not tainted by the fall of nazi germany. Danish folkehøjskoletheory is a beautiful, life-giving, democratic ideology full of mystery and wonder. It tracks its roots all the way back to when England was a part of Denmark, and longer even. The mythical kings of Dan and Skjold are actually also a part of English history.

English thought and ideology is much more famous than little Denmark, but somehow Denmark is the reserve of England. When everything else has been used up, and the back is against the wall. We are the last little deposit to seek strength from. And we are still here, standing tall as true Danes. Not as a part of a race, but a part of a tribe.

Take me. I am only half Danish, my father was from Bangladesh. But I have never had any trouble as a Dane, because I am a part of the Danish tribe. I speak Danish, I adhere to the rules, and I love the Danish culture. So I am a Dane.

Now, this gift of Grundtvigianism, I would love to give back to the English, if it is any worthwhile, and along the way, I will, to the best of my abilities support my troubled friends. We are in this hell hole together, and we will fight it out.

G-d bless the North and the descendants of Skjold and Dan.

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