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The european Union is reaching a climax in terms of inability and disorganization. Let us recapitulate for a moment; Greece is, courageously fighting the corruption seeping from Bruxelles, standing up for their freedom and their own self esteem. The land that gave us Socrates and Plato still embody some of that spirit of yore.

In the north the plans have resulted in the decapitation of more than seventy socialdemocrats, in an attempt to rectify some of the burdens of rape put upon the hapless norwegian people.

Chaos in both ends. In the centre, the heavy thumb of oppression is put on the citizens of Belgium and Holland, there are no ways of revolution there, so close to the center.

This is, slowly, tearing the union apart.

Now, most commentators blame the rebels, and not the institution they are rebelling against. Who were the bad guys in the fight between the democratic rebels of the Jedi order and the imperial old guard. Lyke Skywalker or Darth Wader?

It is a silly comparison, and yet, the scale of power and the potential chaos that might follow a destruction of the European empire, is Star Wars material.

Being a socratic philosopher, it is my joy and my duty to talk the truth.

Here it is, as I see it.

First of all. Most of the chaos we see now is directly or indirectly created by the European empire.

The Islamization is orchestrated and implemented by the death star. Why? Maybe because of the bribery and corruption of the Saudis who have payed their way around. Or it is a vain attempt to “soften” the national states thereby creating the federation. Beats me. But this action is the single most evil action by the empire builders. The direct consequence is mass rape, destruction of numerous cities and misery in abundance.

Now, there are other things done by the machinators of Bruxelles. But, seen from a Northern european perspective, this is the worst. If we fix this problem, we will have the chance to rebuild things undone.

Let us face it. The european union is not viable in the long run, it will not succeed. Why?

There are two ways to build a lasting empire:

1. By conquering land, and give the conquered something better. This was the way the Roman empire was spread. When the conquered territories was given the polis, the latin civilization, they liked it so much, that they were happy.

2. By force. This is the way the islamic empires grew and were held. For instance the byzantine empire were all demolished by force, the entire population were enslaved and used as canonfodder. The same is true in America where the red indians were killed to make room the western expansion.

This gives us a feeling of the methods of the european empire. Obviously the EU is not an example to follow. The system is corrupt and ineffective. Therefor the only method it has is force. It has used force on the smaller countries as Denmark and Holland. Numerous court cases, probably orchestrated from Bruxelles, has tried to quell all criticism of its minions, especially the muslims have been protected by mothership.

The problem is just; each member state still has a form of democracy. Each state can vote itself out of the union. This is what is happening now in Greece. The pro EU parties are punished and the new anti EU parties are rewarded. This will, most probably result in a termination of the relationship between Greece and the EU.

In Northern Europe the control of the populace is much more refined and forceful than in Southern Europe, as a consequence, the true relationship between things are not common knowledge, and the possibility to rebel is almost reduced to impossible. Therefor the rebellion will have another face. The face of murder, as in the case of Breivik .

All in all. One should ask oneself. What is the point really? Why have we created a monstrous empire without the consent of the people? The people hate it, and rightfully so. Why do we still force the hand of the hapless citizens of Europe, denying them the most basic right; the right to vote. It is because of ambition. Ambition of the elites. The elites want a stronger Europe in terms of power for themselves. They hope that a bureaucratic system with no real democratic underpinning will give them power.

This is in vain, because you still have to underpin your power on either the consent of people or the repression.

It will not do, as Paul Kennedy wrote in his epic work; The rise and fall of the great powers. The European Union will fall. What we should plan for is, what comes after?

I say; democracy. The rule should be given back to the people.

How could we, in an ordered fashion return to national democracy?

Step one should be to relieve Northern Europe from the tyranny of the wannabe jihadis of London, Malmø, Gøterborg and Oslo. There have been enough killings and maiming. It could be done in two sweeping steps:

1. End the right of foreign citizens to vote and municipal level. Why? Because most of the capitals are taken over by the muslim vote of noncitizens. It would empower the true citizens of each country.

2. Enforce repatriation of noncitizens of an Islamitic background. Islamists have taken power in many capitals in defined ghettos and areas. These areas should be uprooted and the Islamists without citizenship, or with a new citizenship should return to the original country.

This would end the terror regime of the European Union. A terror regime installed by the current politicians.

It is not an idea, it is a demand.

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