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Listen, I do not have any money. I am totally broke, I have a daughter two weeks old, and a rent to pay. This is my situation. I do not blame anybody, I have put myself in that situation due to idealism and a Socratic urge to criticize the current democratic system. On top of this, I am practically held under surveillance by the secret police 24/7, this gives me a lot of pressure.

I however do help my friends when I have the energy to do it, but under the circumstances, I cannot help without having anything to give. Please do not see this as a european critical stance. I am persecuted by a large part of the european system. Just as the first settlers in America were.

I need help. Three months from now, my economical resources will run dry, how will I be able to feed my child? I do not need much, just enough to make me able to at least feed my little daughter and put some clothes on her little frail person.

I realize that this is not your task, I should be supported by Denmark, but Denmark has used most of its resources to haunt me down and spoil my work, so, even though, I somehow, represent the best in Danish intellectuality, I am not held in any high regard, just scorned upon and hated.

If you continually helped a friend time and again, and the friend did not want to help you. What would you feel? This is not about Denmark or the US. This is about a fight we two have battled together. Now I need some help, because honestly, I am in deep trouble, just as you are. And friendship should be give and take, as brothers share and help when they are in trouble.

I am sorry, but I live under a lot of pressure, and with that pressure, my energy and my ability to help will diminish.

In love.

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