American election

The best card you can play, apart from the economic card, is the foreign endeavours we have made. The wars we have conducted, and the results we have made. Let us recount:

– Peace in most of the Middle East

– The spur of numerous democratic movements in the Maghreb region

– The diplomatic pressure on Iran, that has made a huge impact on the reach of Ahmadinejad

– The relieve of pressure on Israel

– A very close collaboration with the major European powers; France and Great Britain

– The relieve of pressure from the Southern American Countries

– The friendship of the avantgarde intellectuals of Denmark 😉

– A new principle of engagement based on a fair and just handling of the conflicts of the world

Basically the ambience and the honour of United States of America is better than ever. It is looked upon as a wise and just player in the affairs of the world. After Putin got to power, the relationship to Russia has worsened a little, but it is still quite good.

Now our critisizers will probably hit us with the usual nonsense of lack of philosophy, and so on. This is just nonsense, and it basically show that they have no idea of the difficulty of international politics. We however have to prepare ourselves for their arguments. These are perhaps some of them:

– The collaboration with Hamas through the contacts with The Muslim Brotherhood is a foolish step, that has brought islamist to the power both in Gaza and in Egypt

– The atrocities in Libya after we actually liberated them was terrible

– The democratic movement in North Africa is just naive

– The friendship with Hugo Chavez is a dance with the enemy

– We should have acted decisively with Iran

All in all, these are good points, and we have to realize that not all we did was perfect. That is the way it is with international politics, you win some, and you lose some. But the world is a better place now than before we started the Libya war. There is more peace, there is a growing feeling of the will of political negoatiation as the way ahead.

International politics is a very difficult game to play. But one thing is certain; the path of justice is the path we chose, and that path has lead us more peace not less. It has lead us to a soaring of respect, and it has helped our friends around the globe.

The most obvious victory is of cause the capture of Bin Laden, no one can take that away from you.

Now, I think it is a bit too early to start the debate on foreign policy, but we should be prepared for it, think about the way we wish to meet Romney on these issues.

He has absolute no experience in this field, so he will be very weak. This is our best shot at him. It should be used carefully.

By the way, it is my feeling, that the Romney campaigners are listening to what I have to say as well. It is not a problem, but it gives them a bit of an advantage.

Bottom line; we have a strong case, we should use it.

And, thanks for the support of Perez, it actually did bring a tear in my eye, he deserved it, always the peacebringer, always the faith in humanity.

G-d bless us all

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