The soul of the people

One of the worst thing in the election is the discussion on human race; Afro American, Jewish, Caucasian and so on. Let us be absolutely clear about this. There are no different human races. There is only one; humans. We have different families; some have blue eyes, some have brown eyes, but since we can all have babies together, we are the same race.

That does not mean that there are not cultural and small genetic differences between the different groups of people around the globe. That is obvious. But to discuss the difference between people, we have to discuss it on a basis, that is as close to how things are genetically, and culturally as possible.

The discussion on immigration is one of those discussions. Let me be clear; there is not latino race, it is ridicuolus. There is a latino culture that is different than the protestant or the jewish, but they are just as much people as we are.

Therefor the immigration discussion is twisted, beneath it lies a web of prejudice and, let us be honest; racism. There is one side; the Afro American race, then there is the other side. It is not a positive principle to adhere to. We are one race; humans.

Connected to the discussion of citizenship, we need to be honest about another thing. There is such as thing as a tribe, or a people. What does that mean?

It means a psychological family. We feel like a family, because we share the same values more or less, because we share a common history, language, agree upon many things. In Grundtvigian terms it is called, the Soul of the People “Folkesjælen”.

This Soul of the people, is a mix of the most intricate web of virtues and vices, and it is expressed in singing and feeling.

The battles we conduct in the public sphere, is about the feeling and values of the Soul of the People.

When we have immigration from places with values that are very far from our own, many tribes reject these new people from the common soul, and they are not absorbed.

This is the psychological background behind the rejection of Arabs and Latinos in the protestant culture; they are too far away in terms of values and culture. There is a great difference in the way we look upon ethics, loyalty, corruption, family and so on.

This layer has to be considered when you consider immigration as well.

G-d bless the human race.

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