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It was an amazing debate, the arguments were sharpened, the messages clear, it is, to my mind, obvious that, whoever wins the election; America is back on track. The challenges are met in a progressive and sound manner. The enemies are pressed back, and the political opponents are challenged in a balanced way. This coming from the brink of disaster after the Bush administration, is a bit of a wonder, you could say. It is like a huge aircraft carrier turning on a tiny plate, at the brink of the abyss. It was very good, I applaud thee, you have done so very well. Congratulations.

Continuing the work will be hopefully my friend Barack Obama, but if Romney wins, I am sure, he will make a competent leader as well.

I have held back a bit in the election, because my advice could be used against you Barack, so I decided to hold my horses a bit, because you knew what to do anyway. However, so close to the finishing line, you can use my advice without being afraid of your opponent misusing it.

Here are two pieces of advice. First of all; communication. Communication is about the right words to use. You can use carefully crafted words as a kind of game changer or definer of the debate. Like the word “Romnesia”. In fact, it is a bit unethical to use the dosing of words too much, but nevertheless I would advice using the word; “flip – flopper”.

Then Romney will engage in a barrage of tv ads. It will be a show of force, all the swing states, and potential swing states will be all buried in tv ads. They are extremely dangerous. The best way to counter them is not only giving back from where you get it. You have one weapon that Romney does not have, this is the last time you need to bring it out full force; your oratory. Preach to the electorate, call them, sing to them, tell them you will go to the gates of Hades for their sake. You have done so already, America is back on track, and one more term, you will deliver them the future they deserve.

Then a last comment to Romney. You know, it breaks my heart to see you so far away from yourself. Being a man of G-d is a sacred and extremely important task. In these days, where faith is the possible solution to our problems, do not listen to al the warmongers and the fighters of no real idea. Go with peace. This is the message Jesus Christ, and he was right. Sometimes, to reach peace, you have to fight, but only if there is no other solution.

You know, I rummaged around in the dusty antiquarians of Copenhagen when I was there last week. I happened to find a small book that I really like. It is about Tarot cards. I did not really understand what really drew me to that book. After reading it and doing some research, I think actually I have a message for you. You know, the Tarot cards can perhaps track their origin back to Kabbalah, the jewish mystery philosophy. In that there is a core that I realized is reinvented in the latter-day saints. The core is, that according to the first rabbis of the Babylonian era jews there is a jewish oracle called Ummin and Thummin. They wear on there Ephod garments an intricately woven shield. Beautifully decorated with jewels and fine thread of silver and gold. There is one that is for light, and one for darkness.

This is the path you have to find; your path between the light and the darkness. Your own path. America needs a business life based on faith in country, family and spirit. This is the solution to the economic crisis. They listen to your, tell them to be faithful. I think this is the message, find your own way, based on the your own faith, and your will prosper.

G-d bless America.

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