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It is extremely difficult to do any serious work in terms of cultural development here in Denmark. The main problem is, without any doubt the creeping Islamization of the cultural sphere. It is as though, if you have some kind of muslim name, you are on the gravy train. I know it from my own experience. My original name was Asger Hussain-Engberg from my father. My sister still have the same name. When we worked together in the theater business some years ago, she had a huge success, not because she was better than me, actually most of the work she made her success upon, was my work. But because of her name. I had the obvious lack of luck, because I have had the audacity to criticise the islamic/socialist alliance. And being a Zionist on top of that, made me a direct enemy of the state, more or less. These jewish names are difficult the common idea seemed to be,while as the muslim names were all cool, and was a key to open all the coffers in the cultural administration.

Add to this the success of some of my other friends. They had a cool little jazz ensemble. Good musicians, no success. Then they changed their name to Ibrahim Electric Ta da! All of a sudden instant success. So why? Well it is quite obvious that the muslim name was cooool and jaaaaz. Not jazz in the original southern state american form, which I really like, no in a new muslim version. Not that I have heard that muslims like jazz much, in fact music is forbidden in the more conservative version of Islam. But in the multicultural/socialist view, Islam is the new jazzzz… or something like that.

In fact, to have a career, you need to change your name to something muslim in Denmark. This was realized by our latest pop diva Medina. Nobody really cared to ask her why she, who is a daughter of a Dane and a chilean, or some other southern american country, chose to name herself after the second most holy city in the muslim world. The tragedy of it all, is off cause, that calling herself that, and having a tendency to wear as little clothes as possible on the scene is a direct insult to the most mainstream muslims. She, ultimately, realized this when she gave a concert in a conservative muslim ghetto, and the hijab veiled audience started throwing eggs at here, so much for integration.

The ultimate stupidity to my mind is however a band called “Outlandish”, who openly support The Muslim brotherhood. That is, from before The muslim brotherhood started on their way to democracy and peace. You know, the hating, antiwestern, raving organization who has done all it could to bring down the West. The boy band played to one of the meetings. Well, this was, to the horror of most who actually discuss these things, absolutely ignored by the mainstream media and the cultural environment. In fact the BBC of Denmark DR, encouraged our young people to listen to their disgusting music, all the while they did their best to persecute my humble presence for pointing out the obvious security breach. Awful, awful Asger, do not criticize the pretty boys singing all their beautiful songs of Aisha and Guantanamo!

The younger member of the band are in these days all the rave in the media, a certain Burhan G. A classic wonderboy of pop, all into destroying us from within.

It is disgusting. Meanwhile, my good friend Eran, also called Eran DD, who is an amazing soulsinger, and a jew chose to take the consequence of the islamic rave and immigrate to Ibiza. No one, really cared about that, he is a jew anyway, so who cares. Supporting The Moslem brotherhood seems to be the best course… Really?

This indicates, that the PET has things wrong. It is their job to keep the enemies out of the country. It is not about all muslims. It is about the obvious enemies of the state, and the tendency to prioritize muslims over jews. It is simply not right.

G-d bless Israel.

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