Angels and Demons

There has been a lot of water flowing under the bridge, since I proved the existence of G-d.

I know that metaphysics is not in vogue these days, but the prove still stands.

I have tried to get in contact with the danish physicists, that are leading in Quantum physics, because it was mr. Niels Bohr, that invented quantum physics. I have wanted to present this work at the next symposium at Oxford, but due to the problems I have had with the danish authority, they have made a bit of a witch hunt towards all Islamic critics of Denmark, I have not really been able to come forth with this work, not to mention, that I may be famous in Denmark, but am also pretty notorious, because of my conservative views on nation building, business and so on.

Anyway, to continue the discussion on spirit and the prove of G-d. I have proven, that g-d is intelligence or NOUS, as defined by Plato and his master Anaxagoras.

Spirit is, according to Anaxagoras a kind of medium in between all matter. Some call it the ether.

This has been with me for the last ten years, and too be honest, my own understanding of G-d was there, and after that, I have tried to experiment with the spiritual realm.

Mainly by contacting Angels.

I have really tried to understand the concept of Angels and Demons, since the eternal fight according to the monotheistic creeds is between the Angels and the Demons, or the fallen angels.

My experience is this, and I have been very much in doubt about my publication of these thoughts, but I think it is time, because the world seems to have accepted that there is a G-d, but the discussion on Angels and Demons, that is the next step in this discussion is just starting.

Because, if there is a G-d, this means, that there may also be Angels and Demons.

Again what does this mean to the Platonic understanding as G-d as intelligence. The truly astounding answer is, and hold on to your armchair. The logic conclusion is, that there is a STRUCTURE in this realm of G-d. There are actually BEINGS in this realm of spirit.

In other words, there are both Angels and Demons, and they move about in this intelligence.

Sometimes interchanging with our own world.

The interchange is an eternal battle between good and bad, because Angels are good, and Demons are bad.

This again, gives a lot of meaning to the priest, rabbis and mullahs, because then what is it really that these servants of the Angels do?

They fight for Angels against Demons.

That is the very idea of monotheism.

That is a very daring step, I know. But all logic points to this conclusion.

G-d bless the will to support the Angels in the eternal struggle against evil and Demons.

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