The Ether

For a long time, quantum physics, has been the main theory about the universe.

I get it, it makes sense, we as Danes, have contributed to it, through mr. Niels Bohr, and Holger Bech Nielsen. But my criticism has been, in the view of Anaxagoras, who was the inventor of atomic physicism (he was a predecessor to Democritus, who is currently named the inventor of atomic physicism), that Anaxagoras sees G-d in the Ether.

Ether as a substance has largely fallen out of grace in the world of phycisists. Maybe it did not make much sense.

But to me, that is really where the answer lies to the question of where and what G-d is.

There is, according to Anaxagoras a soup of intelligence, inbetween all matter. This substance is, as I understand it, Ether.

It is a substance that goes through all matter, and is besides all matter.

Only at birth and death is there a direct link between Ether and the material realm. When we are born, a small part of the Ether enters into our realm and thus creates life.

Intelligence is life, in all life.

So to me, the discussion on quantum physics in regards to spirituality has taken a turn that does not make much sense. Quantum physics is a description of the material realm, since Quants are a part of the basic building blocks of the material realm also called atoms by Anaxagoras.

It is in the understanding of the Ether, that there is really a metaphysical explanation as to what G-d is.

We can REACH through the Ether, through prayer, and some of the manifestations we see in our world. The help of angels, and the destruction of demons or the fallen angels.

But to truly understand the physical reality of spirit, we have to understand the existence and reality of the Ether.

G-d bless the will to understand, through nuclear physics, the reality of G-d.

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