imageWe see a terrifying increase in antisemitic attacks in Europe. There are the street thugs, mostly Islamists. Or rather immigrants who really hate Jews. Then there is the state sponsored terror, as in Denmark, where the system and the secret police tries to limit the voice of those who support the Jews fight for a peaceful life.

Both threats are dangerous and as such only minor incidents here and there, some in Malmoe, now the incident in Brussels, then there were the incident in France. All in all the net result of a antijewish/anti Israel policy over the last forty years. If you settle Palestinians in Odense, they will continue fighting Jews, both as Hamas as well as Fatah.

What do we do? We speak up, we refuse to let the happenings just happen, we refuse just to sit by and accept that the development seems to move slowly into another antisemitic slur.

I believe my campaigning against the state sponsored anti Judaism here in Denmark has given results. It really shook up the secret service, and the fact that there are strings all the way into the heart of the EU really has shaken some politicians and bureaucrats. After all, EU is supposed to be a peace project to solve the crisis of the Second World War, if the heirs to this project starts persecuting Jews, well then it does not make much sense anymore. We should continue the pressure, not accept the vile nazi like vibe of the Danish public, ignoring the incident and accepting it as something necessary to keep the calm. A single Jews opposed to all the trouble all the Palestinians make if they are opposed; well, we persecute the jew, this is the thinking.

It should not be accepted, but Denmark should be brought to justice, and the actions should be condemned by all who have a voice.

Then the antisemitic slur, that fills the streets of almost all major European city. How do we tackle this. Well first of all, we speak up. We refuse just to let it happen, we show the world who did it, and let them pay the price in terms of ridicule and disdain.

Never stop the pressure, never let go of the enlightening, never cease the dedication. This is what we must do.

G-d bless the will to lift the torch of light high above our heads and let it shine.

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  1. Rene’ Descartes
    June 2nd, 2014 at 15:30 | #1

    Vorfor drikker Jeppe? Why are some people anti-Semitic? (Or Ultra-Right wing) There must be a reason? Like with Jeppe. This devilish increase of anti-Semitic neo-Nazis, as I see it, is a direct result of the abominable and unethical Jewish/Zionist/Fascist Neocons actions and Gestapo like attitudes in Palestine, in worldwide politics, in Banking and in the lying mass media they control in many countries around the world. More and more people have wised-up and become aware of these sad facts.
    Jewish Zionist is creating more and more anti-Semitic neo-Nazis and right-wing fanatics it appears, due to their appalling ethics. The Zionist has simply gone overboard in their “chosen” delusions and enthusiasm.
    Jewish Zionists needs a renaissance of teachings, philosophy and Sciences to cultivate some new scriptures and instruction manuals so they can learn how to get along with other people instead of trying to dominate and control them or kick their arses. I personally don’t care who they are, but I do care about what they do. I Judge Actions, not people.
    Of cause, Anti-Semitism is just a smear-word that are used to smear some individuals when they expose Jewish/Zionists criminals, as well as making common Jewish people feel superior and Chosen. It has nothing to do with not liking Semitic people since most Zionist are not Semitic.
    Clearly it appears, that Zionist and neo-Nazis are joined by the hip; (To alen ud af et stykker) one sadly cannot live without the other. They need each other. They are similar in many bizarre and abstract ways. Both are hateful, self-righteous and lag all kind of compassion and kindness toward all other than their own and despise most other living beings. The Genetic superiority of the “chosen race” brings Hitler’s Arian race to mind. Their many similarities are astounding. The new President in Ukraine (Jewish) is in bed with neo-Nazis hoodlums. And on, and on.
    Anti-Semitism however, is easy to stop and get rid of. Just be really nice to all other people, cultures and religions. That way the anti-Semitic neo-Nazis have no common cause and will simply evaporate.
    Another even better way is to study the Torah and drop the Talmud.

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