5195ZE2UO-LWell, here comes the proposal of mr. Trump on how to change the economy.

It seems to me to be, in some areas along the lines that I have put out; I put out the ideas that trade has to conform to a base of patriotic business producers. In other areas, it seems the same old same. Trickle down economics, that does not do much good.

Talking about patriotism in business is not, to my mind problematic. It is the way business sees itself on a good many areas, and it is simply the way the business should work.

Saying that these ideas are non Obama is not true, I mean we introduced these ideas in the last election, it was actually one of the main attacks on mr. Romney, calling him “outsourcer in chief”.

So these ideas are Obama, or at least, Obama/Trier.

To win an election, you need new ideas and find a balance between freedom and moral. This balance of free trade and a patriotic production environment is not my idea, it is the idea of Adam Smith. So it rests on a pretty sound basis.

At the core of the discussion lies one specific item; motivation. What motivates the producers to keep production in the nation?

This answer is pretty straight forward following the dichotomy of Adam Smith. On one hand freedom that is money, or resources to expand, and at the other hand honour. That is moral.

Honour and moral are two sides of the same coin. A man that is honest, benevolent, supportive and helps other people has a high honour . A man that cheats, runs with too women and you can’t trust, has low honour.

A company that supports its nation has a high honour, and often giving them that honour is all that matters. I mean, in Denmark you are summoned by the Queen if you have contributed to the nation, you get a medal, and in some rare cases you are knighted.

The queen shows you that what you have done in service to your country is appreciated. You can the show your medal to your grandchildren, and get the respect such a medal naturally gives.

You have in American military, you can get a purple heart if you do something very valourous.

The same idea could perhaps be used in the US, give people who deserve it a medal. Its is not about the money, it is about being appreciated, being special, being seen for your service.

G-d bless the will to appreciated what people do.

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