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Jeweler using a blowtorch while he works on a ring

Jeweler using a blowtorch while he works on a ring

It is really interesting watching the American election from Denmark. Mind you, even though we have strong connection, and we have been allies forever it seems. I am still a Dane and not an American.

But I suppose it does not matter much, because we agree on many things, most importantly to make a better world and solidify the development that mr. Obama has started.

I would like to give you an idea on how I think about philosophy, because even though that I am an academic, from a long line of academics, I did not grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. I grew up in a dirty ghetto. In a very poor area, because my mom and dad were divorced and being a single mom did not bring a lot of income.

Anyway when I grew up, I was not surrounded by other rich and wealthy people, in fact I was surrounded by normal people, and a lot of misfits. I was a the greatest misfit, because as a budding academic, I was all alone in that that dirty ghetto.

In a place like that, there are however some good things to learn. Let me give you an example.

One of the greatest experiences I had with my ghetto school, was a time we were send to some carpentry to learn a little about making things. This ancient master of the craft, was supervising the whole session, and he was not a teacher really. He was a master craftsman.

I remember that we were put to work on some small bowls, and I realised if I could use the tools just a little different, I would get to make a good bowl.

As a result of my innovative use of the day to day tool, I made the best bowl! I still remember the pride and joy of making that little stupid bowl. The master craftsman, our teacher took my little bowl and shoved it to his peers.

I know this goes against schoolroom equality, but still, it gave me so much inspiration to build. And it tought me, that to build something of a high quality, is a good thing.

When I studied at university, I continued my research and tried to be innovative all the time. But at university it was mainly frowned upon, there you are not supposed to think new thoughts, but just learn what other people have thought, chew at it, and spit out a resume. It never really worked for me, being an artist at the core of my personality, not being creative did not work.

But then again, the lesson I learned from the master craftsman still held me on a course of quality.

Because that is what I believe I learned from him; what you should build is an item of quality. To do this you have to be innovative, use you tools in new ways. But just being innovative is not good, it is when it gives you a result that stands out, that it is of value.

Craftmanship is about that; making a quality product.

I think that sometimes when you may be reading here at Rubicon it can be a little confusing, and you may have difficulty seeing the connection between the things I write. But behind all the items of thought, there is a master plan. I aim at not a utopia, but a system or a building of the highest quality.

I build Mercedeses or B&O not papercastels. Now a Mercedes may not bring you an exhilarating joy, but it gives you a solid and good life. A life of quality.

So if you want the utopian ideas, this is not the place. This place is for the persons who wish to build things properly, the old fashioned way, where a house is built on a strong foundation, and we take our time to make things right.

It may be a little boring, but hey, the house has to last for a long time, our children will have to live in it as well, so we need it to work for them as well.

G-d bless the willingness to take our time doing things right.

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