There seems to have been a turn around in the elections mechanics. The people who vote for Trump, and are within the reach of the Democratic constituency, namely traditional socialist votes, workers, are within reach. They have been left behind for many years, we need to be there to pick them up again. If not for strategic reasons, then because if we lose the connection to who we are at the core, the core will be hollow.

At the core, stout, strong honest and hardworking men and women stand. Let us not forget that, and let us protect them so that they may keep us alive as well.

Then how do we do that. First of all, we need to be realistic about economical methods.

Traditionally there has been two. The conservatives have been fighting for trade freedom, and socialist has been, since Keynes, working with boosting the economy by inducing money into the system. Building things mainly.

The problem about this way of doing things, is the fact, that there is a very profound unbalance in the mechanics.

What is balance? Balance is, philosophically speaking, if there at one hand is freedom and the other hand morals. Any relationship needs both to work. So often we have liberals at one side and conservatives at the other side, each serving a vital part of the equation, making things work.

Traditionally, before Keynes was theorising, it was like this: There were free markets and the producers, factory owners and people of wealth were very patriotic about their wealth. Trying to fund a lot of social work and support the local communities. Still this is very much how many rich people of conscience think.

Take Steve Jobs at Apple who made the iPad to make people read again, and make schools focus on teaching from books.

There are numerous examples. Bill Gates from Microsoft is another great philanthropist.

At the heart of the matter is a true caring for where they are, and a patriotic spirit.

The system is in balance. We trade freely and we produce locally.

In order to make a balanced approach again, we therefor need to support those who are not outsourcing, but those who are loyal to the country.

This will enable a slow but solid growth of the economy. This has been proved by Obama in the last presidential cycle.

The thing about this is however, that it takes time to rebuild faith in a system. It is easy to tear down, but to rebuild is difficult. But the result is lasting.

There are other considerations to take into view, among them the state sponsorship of production by China and other international players, it leaves our producers in a weak position. We need to discuss how we solve that problem. Perhaps by limiting products that are state sponsored. But then again that goes against free trade. We could also sponsor our own producers to give them an equal playing ground, but state sponsorship is usually bad for research and development, it kills innovation.

But we need to tackle the issue.

Lastly, but not least. There is a good thing in sponsoring building in a Keynesian way. But we should not fool ourselves. It is only temporary. For the long haul, we need a sound and healthy production environment.

But at the end of the day, these things are just superficial adjustments, they have to be done to counter the threat of China, but the true strength lie in our civilisation. The education, the morals of the people, the harmony between citizens. The rule of law, science and so on.

To reach our true potential we need to invest in education, civil services, infrastructure but most important of all, we need to have faith. Faith in our democracy, because basically this is what brings us all the goods we have.

G-d bless the will to preserve and develop our democracy.

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