Ariel Sharon

Ariel SharonWhen I think about Ariel Sharon this vision of a lion comes to my sight. The lion of Judah, a vicious, ferocious fighter that will tear through all to defend his cubs and his homeland. These lions are often difficult to life by, because their ambience and their quest for truth and righteousness are difficult to match. But if we live to give them that space, and are able to listen to what they say, often they push the states and the nations on a better cause. Because that was the driving force behind Ariel Sharons life; to make a better Israel. In his old age, he seemed to me to settle down a little and try for peace. Not that he accepted all the proposition and ideas that was drafted, but he genuinely wanted an Israel without constant fear and angst. In fact this was his driving motive from the beginning, and he, wisely I think, recognized that only through strength can Israel have peace.

Israel is one lion poorer in these days, I hope that more lions will emerge, and that we understand how to handle and respect them, to give them the space they need to make the best of themselves.

G-d bless the legacy of Ariel Sharon.

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