Egypt is at a cross roads now, a new constitution has been drafted, and all are not happy with everything in it, but all in all it is a good framework that hopefully will push Egypt on a better cause.

There is the discussion of the military’s right to evict civilians. This is only a good idea, if the military has the justice and the order of the land in focus. Traditionally Maat, or order is the most important virtue for any Egyptian, especially the pharaoh and the military. Order is to see the truth of things, and act impartially.

But if it works, the military can and will protect the nation against extremism of this or that kind. Remember all the ideas of humanism and enlightenment came from Egypt originally, and should therefore more be seen as a resurrection of the old ideas, and not something fancy from outside.

I have given quite a lot of though to the strengthening of Egypt. This is my personal advice, based on a detailed knowledge of Egyptian history and lore.

Egypt is a slow thinker. Because of the thousands and thousands of years it has existed, it does not change over night. Egypt is full of good an intelligent men, but not used to sudden transformation. Rather it is used to development over a very long span of time.

Therefor, I would not plan for the next year or ten years ahead, but a hundred years ahead. Make a plan for Egypt that will strengthen it over the next hundred years. Think of the future as a slow-moving but progressing process.

There are many things that need repair, first of all, the intellectual life has to find more and new frames to foster it. We need a much better education system. The geniuses of the next thirty or fifty years have to find a fertile ground to inspire them.

Secondly, the economy has to be nurtured. Business, production, agriculture should all be nurtured in the interest of the nation.

Thirdly, and this is really the basis. The national identity should be enhanced and strengthened. There are so many heroes of the old times, so many acts of inspiration. I could name hundreds that I personally really like. Give these historical figures back to the people, so that they will feel united and inspired.

G-d bless Egypt, the land of the rising sun.

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