One the main disasters of the current Western intellectual life, is the fact that it has not really left the 20’th century yet. Let us be honest with the 20′ th century, it was absolute destruction. First World War, Second World War, the Cold War. All movements in the European though that spiraled the ideas and culture into a darker and darker place.

In the 19’th century everything went the right way, in the 20’th everything went the wrong way.

Today we are still caught in there straightjacket of the 20’th century and struggling to move on. The worst trap is the racist idea we have inherited from the 20’th century. Race theories are, as defined by its name; theories. Most of the so called theories were actually based on pseudo science, and was the work of, at the best, mediocre intellectuals. Not like in the 19’th century with Rousseu and Condorcet.

But, despite the fact, that race theories are without any serious value, we still use them more than ever. It is the central battle ground for most serious development. I myself have been involved in two public persecutions, to determine whether some of my friends were racist or not.

So, even though it is, at the best, a crackpot theory, it is ever prevalent. Traditionally the left wing have been anti racist, but often so much, that they preferred mixing races, so that white women married black men, on purpose, to mix the races. On the other hand the right wing have been against mixing races, and believed in the purity of the white race.

See the point? We are so obsessed with race, that we see all political movement through the lense of race. This contaminates the discussion of most subjects. Like the discussion on the nation as an idea. Personally I am 100% Condorcet! and believe in the rationality and human side of man. I believe in equality of sexes and the equality of all men. This is the ideas of the Nation I and Condorcet believe in.

But this perspective has not been possible to argue for in the public debate, because as soon as you mentioned the nation, people believed you a racist, because the French Revolution ideas was also used by the racist ideological thinkers.

But why can I not be a classical French revolution thinker? Now Denmark is a little special, because the intellectual level is so desperately low, and such refinement as distinguishing between French revoluton ideas and 20′ century ideas is not really anything people can relate to, they only know that race nationalism is the same, and judge everybody by that standard. But still?

My point; we need the shed the straightjacket of the 20’th century, racethinking, totalitarian activity to rekindle the thought of Europe. We have to begin from scratch. Not so that we discard all thought, on the contrary, we need to reconnect to true European thinking, but we need to stop putting people in boxes, and we need to recognize the wisdom of true philosophers.

Otherwise we will be trapped in the narrow confinements of our own rigid thinking, and die in the attempt of boxing in all we cannot put in our stupid little boxes.

We need to put a huge minus over the 20’th century. Forget all about it, hark back to the French Revolution and start mending things from there.

G-d bless the intellectual freedom we will win, if we are courageous enough.

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