As I have criticized the state for, for a long time; the use of “racism” as a definition of all who are not in accordance with the multi cultural society is in fact not valid. The process borrows heavily on the tradition of the inquisition that has fathered systems as the KGB and Gestapo, and it is totally sick in its core.

But, as I mentioned in the last posting, no one has actually looked at the scientific basis of the theory. I mean, if you are able to put people to jail if they have an ideological view on society that you, as a state, do not like. This view on the world must be extremely evil or something.

Let us have a look on that. The race theories are, according to the jewish historian Max I Dimont, a brainchild of first the french petty aristocrat Count Arthur de Gobineau. He claimed that the french aristocrats had superior blood since they derived from the Aryans. Through democratization, their blood was thinned with less superior blood of Gauls I suppose. The ideas had no scientific base, was written by a mediocre civil servant in France, and is basically just ideas. Then these ideas were combined with Nietzsche in an “epic” work Foundations of the Nineteenth century by a certain Houston Stewart Chamberlain. With all respect for Nietzsche, this does not make any true scientific basis at all. Nietzsche is basically an immoral philosopher who believes in the rule of strong, and Chamberlain welded the two “theorists” together in a destructive amalgam of antisemitism.

All in all, a very poor theoretical basis for anything. You can choose to believe in it, but then again, you can also choose to believe in fairies and Santa Claus.

By institutionalizing these crackpot ideas as something you are not allowed to believe in, the system is basically saying you cannot believe in Santa Claus and the tooth faerie. Well, since these things are superstition anyway, we do not believe in these ideas. At least not the part of the society who believe that there should be a sound basis for what we believe in.

In effect the state is forcing the citizens to not believe in something that is stupid anyway.

The added insult of the racism debate is the fact that somehow Islam has become a race too. My good friend Firoozeh Bazrafkhan, was convicted a racist, because she criticized Islam.

This is where the whole circus becomes even more absurd. The problem with racism is the fact that it believes that there is an essence of evil in people, regardless of their belief. In fact it was the Jews who were these “evil” people, just because they were jews. This is where all rationality stops, and where the concentration camps begin. This has to do with genes and biological structures.

Since Islam is a religion, that is belief system. How can a critical stance on Islam then be racist. I mean, you cannot all of a sudden grow a new genome just because you start to believe in Islam. The corrupt problem with racism, was the irrationality of the ideas on genes. Since this does not apply to a critical stance on Islam, the very argument against racism cannot apply to the critical stance on Islam. Because, there are no genes involved in Islam.

So the society is using half baked arguments, pseudoscience and outright ridiculous theories on the citizens, in order to stop the discussion on religion.

This is ridiculous, had it not been for the fact, that the state actually throw people in jail, and ruin their career, based on these absurd arguments.

We are truly living in an absurd world, where rationality and truth are not valid anymore. But the haphazard and random arguments rule the day. No wonder people tend to get a little frustrated.

We need to get things straight again, and use sound and rational arguments again in order to get the world on its feet.

G-d bless the light.

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