Well, the case against the local Stasi system has come to some conclusions. The top dog has been relieved of his position, the minister of law has been relived of his position, and these days the possible demise of the current P.M. is decided. Remember the infamous “selfie” shooter. Making a total fool out herself. Well, she is also involved in the case, and has, directly sanctioned the fight against poor little Rakel. The scum.

Well, I have positioned myself against the PET, and they are not that prone to contact me, due to the precariousness of the case. Well, you have to. Otherwise, there will, in the future be no coordination between PET and the rest of the intelligence society on a serious level. You will be the target of CIA and MOSSAD. Because you have tortured a little Jewish girl. Get it?

If you do not contact me within the next week, further steps will be taken to counter your evil ways.

G-d bless the peace we get, if we find a deal.

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